Goldheart Unveils New Store Concept Entitled “The Contemporary Communal”

Bringing jewellery retail into a modern living room setting

Singapore’s leading 916/999 gold and jewellery chain retailer Goldheart is proud to usher in a new year with their first concept store at Plaza Singapura (68 Orchard Road #01-30)!

Themed “the contemporary communal”, this new concept store charts a momentous milestone for the constantly evolving brand.
For the first time in its 45 years of heritage, Goldheart strips away the walls of the shopfront to yield an open frontage, while its interior now takes the form of a contemporary living room.

“Our new concept store is a reimagination of the relationship and experiences that we want our customers to have with us. We want them to connect with the brand on a more personal level and cast aside hesitations that may have prevented them from strolling into a fine jewellery store. The ‘modern living room’ therefore became our theme to evoke feelings of familiarity and hospitality among shoppers, as they are beckoned towards the store with our new open concept to explore the beautifully curated space,” enthused Ms Patsy Loo, Business Director, Goldheart Jewelry.

“In fact, the new boutique concept and design are now showcased in 9 Goldheart locations island wide.”



The new concept rejects conventional forms of “formality” associated with typical jewellery stores by eliminating glass window display set up. This elevates the sense of intimacy between the retail and common spaces, products, and consumers. Display units are translated from furniture that one expects to find in a home, such as a credenza, dresser, settee, so that it envelopes guests with sense of familiarity. A luminous glass screen demarcates the foyer space to bring visual focus to the main merchandise display and punctuates the shopfront design with a play of light and translucency.


This design feature conjures the experience of being surrounded by bookcases in a study room, except, instead of hardcovers, the wooden shelf is decked with 916/999 gold jewellery. Customers are encouraged to pull out the drawers displayed with jewellery so as to promote a more interactive browsing. Special attention went into planning the lighting concept, viewing angles, ergonomics and variety of elements to stimulate visual excitement and curiosity for customers to explore the space.


A centre feature in the boutique, the long marble table is handpicked out of several quarries so that it stands out as the highlight of this concept space. The table delivers similar functionalities to a huge dining table: it directs the flow of shoppers while serving as a gathering point for guests to congregate and converse around the display of beautiful gold and gems. The casualness associated with a communal table eases the pressure to purchase after browsing, so that guests are more comfortable than ever to stroll in and shop without hesitation.


Gleaning from jewellery shoppers’ preference to browse in a lounge environment that is quiet and intimate, Goldheart incorporated cosy furnishing such as high‑back sofas that offer privacy for couples. At the Celestial zone, showcasing the brand’s designer starburst diamond, the round display counter is reminiscent of coffee tables conducive for a tête‑à‑tête.


Relax in this oasis of familiarity brought by warm colours expressed in wood, coral and burnished copper, which are expertly balanced against the cool grey and white tones of walls and textured effect of terrazzo borders. Tall arm chairs upholstered in fashionable mustard yellow velvet bring a zesty pop of warmth and colour.

The mural painting on the wall will be updated every season to enliven the boutique.

The ambience of the concept sets the tone for the uniform as well: staff are attired in a relaxed yet smart outfit in the form of grey slim-fit sweater over navy tailored pants.

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