Award-Winning German Jeweler, Niessing, Celebrates its Roots

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the original Spannring® and 100 years of Bauhaus – the design movement integral to Niessing’s design philosophy.

Celebrating this momentous and significant anniversary, Niessing rediscovers classics with the Spannring® with bold and new, sensuous and stylish designs; all produced with the finest manufacturing techniques and crafted by skilled craftsmen in Germany.

Committed to innovation yet staying true to the brand’s contemporary identity, the new collections are a toast to the brand’s revolutionary vision that celebrates versatility through timeless pieces while embracing endless style possibilities.


The Niessing Spannring® embodies its deep roots in Bauhaus design like no other jewelry piece by Niessing. A tribute to the Bauhaus movement and use of basic shapes (circle, square and triangle) in design, the new Spannring® Bauhaus collection flaunts a twist of the original design icon and presents them with round brilliant-cut, square princess-cut and triangular trilliant-cut diamonds. The ring band exudes sensuality of the circle form while displaying grandeur of square structures, creating elegant and wearable architecture in the form of jewellery.

Just like all other Spannring® designs, the rings flaunt a beautiful diamond held in the ring band solely by the power of tension, revealing the diamond’s unrivalled brilliance from all around and creating the illusion of a floating diamond just above the hand.

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The Niessing Spannring® turns 40 this year. Created in 1979 by Vreden-based artist, Walter Wittek, it is included in the collections of notable museums and applauded for its innovation and aesthetically distinct design.

Paying homage to the original design icon, the Niessing Spannring collection is now available in pendant and earrings that are slender and delicate with laterally set brilliant-cut diamonds, showcase their ultimate beauty.

Discover the collection.

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